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50 cent’s cousin Continental Five about his lifestyle and 50

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At the recent interview 50 cent mentioned about his cousin and rapper Continental Five, he stated that Continental was trying to emulate his past lifestyle in the music and that Continental doesn’t like the 50’s rap because he actually doesn’t understand what 50 is talking about.
Continental Five recently responded to 50’s comments and empasised on that fact that he makes true lyrics and everything he is talking about in his tracks is true. Also Continental said that he doesn’t try to portray something or someone’s life because he has got his own: “So, when you see me rapping it’s not me rapping about trying to portray something. No nigga, this what’s gon’ get me to get the fuck out the situation because I’m still in that situation. So, while you’re in your bulletproof and you good and you somewhere else, the reality is I still gotta deal with the shit that comes with your issues”.



(Video) A$AP Rocky Featured in GQ’s May Issue

Rocky about his GQ photo shoot.

The  “Long.Live.A$AP” album is available in our music store!


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